Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Visit to Nell Hill's

A couple of years back, Dave, Nathaniel and I took a trip through Atchison, KS for Nell Hill's Holiday Open House. ( I think Dave must really love me to make that 3 hour plus drive.) Much to my delight, the photos we had taken were still on his phone. I wish some of the photos were a little crisper, but I think you can still see how lovely her home was.

Stairway in the entryway

I had first run across Nell Hill in a magazine (of course, if you know my love of magazines) and had instantly loved her style of decorating.

Entryway (Facebook photo courtesy Nell Hills)

Outside patio- Nell Hills

Nathaniel in her living room

Outside table

Nathaniel and I outside

If you are ever in  Atchison, Kansas,  be sure and check out her store. She also has an open house in November at her home. To me, her open house alone was worth the drive. She also has a store in Kansas City in the Briarwood area. I can easily look around there for a couple of hours. It's full of beautiful furniture, bedding, plants, pillows, lamps,plates...all the things we love to buy for our homes.

That trip was one of the most fun things we've ever done! I will always remember our littlest boy tagging along with us and being so good that whole day. What a sweetheart.

Be sure and check out her website -

Here are a few clearer photos from her facebook page:

Courtesy Nell Hills

Be sure and let me know if you get a chance to visit!

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