Monday, October 27, 2014

Who Cares That Much About "You've Got Mail"? Umm...Me!

Good Morning!

Two weeks ago today, my husband and I boarded a jet plane for New York City. I have ALWAYS wanted to go, but kind of thought it may not happen. Trips to a far away city like that cost money - plane tickets, hotels, taxis, restaurants, etc. But because of the kindness of my husband and our church family, this dream was realized! It was our big trip for our 25th wedding anniversary.

I'm still excited about it!!!!!

A few days before we left, I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, I had blown this trip up too big in my mind. Could any trip live up to my very high expectations?

Yes! Yes, it could!

I believe we walked (and rode through) just about every place in NYC that you would want to see. We saw two Broadway shows (by the way, Aladdin was amazing!), ate gelato and pizza in Little Italy, walked around Rockefeller Center, strolled through Central Park, and so much more. I loved it from beginning to end and hope to return there one day.

I even looked into seeing some locations from a movie I particularly like - You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Who does that?

Well, apparently quite a few people. If you look on the internet, there are "walking tours' of the locations where they shot the movie.

We found a couple of the places while walking near Central Park on the Upper West Side.

This scene was at Zabars.

Inside Zabars, I half expected to see Meg Ryan pushing her cart around.


The other place we found that day was Cafe Lalo. If you are a fan of the movie, this is where Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) first discovers that Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is the lady he has been emailing.

Inside- where Meg Ryan waited at the table (on the right).

Tom Hanks outside Cafe Lalo

We went inside (of course) and had dessert and coffee. It was so fun! I asked our waitress if other people come there because of the movie. She said it happens all the time.

I don't exactly know why that movie has captured me.I suppose it has to do with the chemistry between Hanks and Ryan and my love for New York.  But every fall, we always sit down and watch that movie together.

We looked around for Riverside Park (last scene of the movie), but couldn't quite find it. There were other locations we could have went to, but finding these two took up one afternoon and we had other places we wanted to see.

But it was all magical.

Have you ever done a movie tour like that?

Have a great week!

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This trip couldn't be under the category of favorite things for under $10, but the movie itself costs about that. If you have never seen it, this is a great time of year to watch it!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pretty Things

We just returned from our very first trip to New York City. I hope to get some photos up soon. It was magical and wonderful!

But today, I thought I'd share some real "purty" things that I've seen around blog land.

The first few photos are from Nell Hills which is one of my favorite places to visit (Kansas City and Atchison, Kansas).

Nell Hill

Nell Hill

Nell Hill

Nell Hill

Nell Hill

Courtesy of Nell Hill

I loved this idea. This is from a blog called Our Happily Ever Afters. She found this 
  urn from Ballards to hold her Christmas tree. 
Toulon Christmas Tree Urn (Toulon Christmas Tree Urn)

And just a few more...


PB Kids


Found on Pinterest (
I especially like this idea!

This is a view from my house yesterday.

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are turning, but my flowers are being very brave:)

Happy October!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Pinspiration

Happy October 1st! This is a day of celebration! I'm joining up today for October Pin-spired.

The last few days have been full of doctor appointments. We have one more next week and hopefully, there will be a break to just sit back and enjoy my all time favorite time of year. Don't you just love October?

I noticed at Target recently that the back to school stuff is almost gone and the Halloween decorations are coming out. That means that in the next couple of weeks, they will start putting a few boxes of Christmas lights on the back shelves! (Hobby Lobby is also a great place to get your Christmas fix if you can't wait that long). I don't really like seeing Christmas trees when it is still hot outside, but it is definitely beginning to cool down here, so I'm just about ready!

I won a Stella and Dot necklace recently through one of my favorite blogs called "Mix and Match Mama"( (It was so fun to see my name announced and even more fun to receive my necklace in the mail! Here is the necklace below. Isn't it pretty? I love it!!

Top Nordstrom

Stella and Dot necklace

Here's a Pinterest photo that is a similar to what I'm wearing.

                                                                 The Brady Bunch

I had to add the photo above. Can you believe how quickly Thanksgiving will be here again? I grew up watching this show and my kids grew up watching the reruns, too. (By the way, The Pioneer Woman is having a Brady Bunch quiz tonight with prizes -groovy:)

Don't you just love this time of year?!!

Happy October to you!

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