Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Secret Life Between the Postman and Me

Now didn't that grab your attention? Yes, I thought it would.

I have an addiction that I want to get out in the open. It is my little secret.

I have an addiction to....magazines. Home decorating magazines. It is very hard for me to walk past the magazine rack at Walmart or Target and not buy one. But I don't, because I receive my own collection from my wonderful postman on a regular basis. He and I don't have a secret handshake, but he gives me "the nod" and I smile and give him a thumbs up. No, not really, but doesn't that make for more interesting reading?

Let me show you around to my secret stash if you have a few minutes.

Room number one - master closet. I have stacks of magazines in here. I have tried to skim it down to just the holiday issues. I really do go back and look at some of these around September when I'm planning for the holidays.

Room number two - living room - secretary desk. I keep meaning to throw a few out, but so far I haven't gotten around to it, and besides, I could probably cram a few more in there.

Room number three - the pantry. 

Oops, that's my other stash. Potato chips. I only eat them when I'm looking at my magazines just in case you're wondering.

And lastly, the end table. Sometimes I stack so many under there that they slide out and hit the floor and scare me half to death.

I spent many years clipping photos from my magazines and imagining my future dream home. Now, I live in a lovely home with many of the features I had clipped and stored in a notebook from so long ago. Ideas such as hardwood floors, french doors and white crown moulding...these mostly came from Traditional Home, Renovation Style, Country Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living, just to name a few. There are others, but I don't want you to think that I have a problem.

Magazines are kind of like dear old friends, and you can never just throw or give away an old friendship.

I wonder what the mailman will bring me today? (Happy sigh)


  1. Oh Kathy, you are SO FUN!!!! I loved your pictures, and your potato chips, haha!!! :) Thanks for making me smile today. :)


  2. Now, that closet with all the magazines is my new "dream closet"! I think I'll have to post it to my Pinterest. Ruffles are my favorite magazine companion too! :-)

  3. Thanks, Angela! There is probably a more attractive way to store them, though:)

  4. Kathy, I have struggled with this addiction in the past as well. My downfall has been prevention magazines or any health magazine. I don't buy any anymore but I do have a stash of old issues that I still go through. Sometimes I think I should have been a doctor, I get so involved in health knowledge! TJ

  5. Kathy, we have known each other for almost 20 years (OMG, that makes me/us sound like we're getting...well we won't got there) and I had no clue that you had this addiction. I would have thought all those years at TC would have cured you :-) What other little secrets have you been hiding, like an amazing writer?

    Love ya and looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. I WISH I had this problem! My problem is the opposite - my magazines and catalogs pile up because I don't make time to read them! I've actually (sadly) been unsubscribing. This post makes me feel kind of guilty for betraying these old friends of mine! haha

    1. I understand! I've narrowed it down to just the ones I know are keepers. Thank you so much for reading. Writing that post was lots of fun!


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