Monday, January 16, 2017

My Five Favorite Bloggers Right Now

I am up early most mornings. I usually have coffee and a quiet time before the sun even rises. Next, I usually read several posts from various bloggers while Joyce Meyer is on in the background. I love the early morning hours when the whole house is sleeping.

Many of the following bloggers I have been reading for several years now. Some of them are young moms with small children and some are in their forties. I enjoy each season of life and reading about what's going on in their lives. Some write about their faith and some combine faith with fashion. I love each one for their uniqueness.

The first one has been my favorite for a long time.

   Kelly Stamps is well known in the blogging world. She has a beautiful, authentic faith that she shares with her readers. We've all come to know her three children: Harper, Hollis, and Will Holden. She had her last baby in her forties as I did, so I feel a connection to her. She is from Arkansas.

    Sheaffer is probably a tie for 1st place. She has a fresh, fun way of writing. Her emphasis is primarily fashion, but she also has a heart for moms of special needs kids. She has a big Nordstrom giveaway each year for those moms. 


    Cassie is just a beautiful lady. Her blog is primarily fashion oriented also, but she and her husband also have a love for travel. They went to Portofino, Italy, last year.
    The name for her blog came from something her grandfather had always said to her:)

    Shay Shull is a cookbook author and blogger. She writes about family, food, fashion, and adoption. They recently adopted their second daughter from China. She also runs a travel agency and she and her family do a lot of traveling all over the world.

    Andrea is a middle school math teacher in Texas with three beautiful children. She writes mostly about her family life and loves to decorate for the holidays just like I do. I love her sweet outlook on being a mother. I don't think I've ever seen anyone make every moment count the way she seems to be able to do. 

There are many other bloggers out there that I love. Would you believe that most of them, including numbers 2-5 on this post are from Texas? There must just be something about Texas!

A few more that I read are:

If you are looking for a new blog to read, I highly recommend each one of these ladies. They always have good, fresh content and are very consistent bloggers. It's funny that I can mention the first five ladies above by name to my husband and he is familiar with who they are:)

Happy reading and I pray that the month of January is especially blessed for you and your family!

I Dream of Closets

Our home is almost ten years old now and I still pinch myself that I get to live here. There isn't a whole lot I would change if we were building again.  But now that I've become a little more interested in things like clothes and shoes, I sometimes dream of closets!

Our closet is off our bathroom in the master bedroom. It is nice, roomy space. But if I were going to design a closet, here are a few things that I would incorporate.

1. Bring on the GLAM! If I am going to dream big, then I might as well go all out, right?

    A chandelier and an island would be key for my dream closet.

Lauren Conrad closet

Lighting is such a key element in designing a closet/dressing area. The link below can help in selecting the type of light you could use for your dream closet.

2. Another thing that would be key for me is hidden storage space. Somewhere in my closet I would       love a hidden storage area for all holiday related stuff - boxes, wrapping paper, luggage, etc.

Isn't this a neat storage idea? I love it!

3. A marble counter in the closet for my perfume (okay, I only have one bottle of perfume at the moment, but in my dream closet, there are lots of perfume bottles!) makeup, lighted makeup mirror, jewelry, and any other little pretties.

4. A valet pole in my closet. It would be nice to have this feature so that I could put together what I was wearing the next day.

5. A chair where I could sit and take boots on and off.

6. A leopard print rug/carpet in my closet would make it feel like a special space.

7. Finally, in my GLAM closet, it would not be his and hers. I am sorry, Dave, but my dream closet only has room for one. I'll make sure your closet is just as nice:)

What would you have in your dream closet?

*This post was inspired by Arhaus furniture.

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