Friday, February 28, 2014

Pin- Spired in February

It's hard to believe that March 1st is tomorrow! This has been a long, hard winter. Even though spring comes in March, we may not have nice temperatures in Iowa for several more weeks. You are very lucky if you are reading this in a non-northern state! I envy your nice temperatures:)

I'm joining The Larson Lingo, Pinterest Told Me To, and Mix and Match Mama for their monthly pin-spired party.

I was very blessed on my (February) birthday to receive some very lovely things from my husband. I received not one, but two Fossil watches! He has great taste! I haven't owned a nice watch since my oldest kids were young (at least 15 years or so). It's funny how dressed up I suddenly feel wearing one.

Top: Kohls
At least we can "look" like it's spring!

Bauble Bar necklace

Bauble Bar necklace
(another birthday gift)
I sometimes see something I like and ask my husband if he minds if I "gift" myself for my birthday. Do any of you do that, too?

Another necklace from Bauble Bar...maybe Mother's Day?

 I love Alison's tops on her blog (Get Your Pretty On)...she was my inspiration for this one.

Top: H & M online
 And this look from Pinterest is similar...I keep forgetting that this is the whole point of Pin-spired!

In other news, our oldest daughter had her hair cut this week and donated it to Locks of Love. I didn't measure how long it was, but this is a lot of hair!!

She is in a wheelchair and washing and combing it out was becoming a very big job. Thankfully, she looks cute in her bob and it is easier on both she and I when it comes time to do her hair:)

I hope your February was a good one and that your March will be even better. I really hope the polar vortex will be swept away to Antarctica! But, you know, I was talking to a sweet, elderly lady at church last week and she said that she doesn't wish for the warmer weather, but just enjoys the season she is in. Those are wise words for all our seasons, and not just the "weather" ones. Enjoy the season you are in right now with your little ones at home. It is such a precious time. You are doing an amazing job, moms! Much love to you all:) - Kathy

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  1. Cutie!! I love all the necklaces and definitely your top from Kohls. :)

    1. Thank you, Stacey! I love the necklaces, too! A little bling is always a good thing!

  2. I love the white watch for spring! Good job hubs!

    Patrice @

    1. Hi Patrice! He did a really good job, didn't he? Thanks for stopping by!


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