Friday, March 11, 2016

An Introduction

Hi! My name is Kathy and I'm a wife and mom to six kids. I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, today with my introduction. As it says on my sidebar, I'm a pastor's wife, but I don't have a perfect life. Not by a long shot:) But it is a joy filled, grace filled life. Life doesn't have to be perfect in order to be happy.

Our six kids range in ages from 25 all the way down to age 10! I wrote about our last little surprise here.  He was born when I was 42 years old and oh, the joy he has brought to our home! Don't worry if you find yourself in your forties and you are unexpectedly pregnant. It will be okay and it will be wonderful!

Our youngest a few years ago:)

I met my husband at a Bible college in Louisiana. He was a Teen Challenge graduate and later, we lived and worked at a Teen Challenge ministry in Iowa for fourteen years, where he was the director of the men's program.  In 2002, he became the lead pastor at a church in a nearby city. He has been the pastor for the last fourteen years and loves his job so much.

Back to our family, our oldest daughter has CP. Her twin brother passed away at the age of four. I wrote about that day recently here.   

A little about me...I love reading blogs, and most of my favorites are from young moms. I remember the days when all my kids were young. Believe me when I say that some of your best memories are being made today, even though you are so tired and you wonder if you are doing a good job. You are! I write a little about those days here with a post called "Advice to Young Moms". You are doing a phenomenal job!

I love all things to do with New York City.

I remember reading an article where a mom wrote that she had begun being interested in NYC while watching Sesame Street with her little ones. I remember thinking that my interest had been piqued then, too. I really don't know for sure when my love for that great city began. But I've been blessed to have gone twice now. Our first visit was two years ago for our 25th wedding anniversary. I wrote about that magical visit here. If you love the movie "You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan too, then you will want to read that post:) I hope I get to visit NYC again soon.

I love the season of fall. To me, it's the most magical and special time of year! You can read a little about my love of fall here.

I love lipsticks. Isn't that funny? But a lipstick in my shopping cart makes me happy. Maybe because I'm so pale and you can hardly see me until I have lipstick on?

I do fashion posts now and then, which is funny really, because for years I owned about one shirt. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but not much. Thank goodness I found blogs like Kelly's and also this one. Shaeffer's blog is about the most fun blog you'll ever read. Here she is below.

 One of my fashion posts is here.

I love holidays, too! My favorite of all is Thanksgiving with Christmas right behind that.

Photo Courtesy - Nell Hill

Two years ago at Christmas (our home)

Our living room this past Christmas:)

I love movies. My favorite movie is Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. My favorite drama is the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I'm going to write about that movie soon. It really changed my life. Can a movie really do that? It can when God is involved:)

That's a little bit about me. I would have to say that I'm only an occasional blogger. But I would love to hear from you, especially all the young moms out there. I have a soft spot in my heart for all of you. Much love to each one of you!

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  1. Visiting from the link up! I'm not a mom, but I sure do read a lot of Mommy Blogs! I love reading blogs written by people in all stages of life so I'm glad I've stumbled upon yours. I work with children and youth so sometimes reading blogs of moms with older children gives me great ideas for things that might work (or not work) when it comes to activities with them! Have a great Friday!

    1. Thanks so much, Donna! I love reading blogs, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Really enjoyed your post! I was my parents' surprise child, born to them in their 40's. Back then, people just didn't have babies in their 40's, and I grew up with quite a wound in my soul over why God chose that path for me. I'm so thankful He eventually helped me work through that, and I love my story now. I love that you embrace yours! :)

    1. Hi Bekah! Thank you for writing.You are just precious!
      It was quite a surprise to be pregnant in my forties, but thank God! He has been our joy and delight.
      Bless you and I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Hi Kathy, I am over from Kelly's Korner! I too really enjoy New York and look forward to reading your YGM/NYC post. :) Some friends and I as well as my mom and I have visited many of the YGM spots! :) Fall is my favorite season too and when I got married. My kids are 5 & 2, thanks for your encouragement being farther along. :) Kelly

  4. Hi Kelly!
    Really?? You and your mom have also visited those spots? I'd love to read about that! It's so fun, isn't it? Oh, I do love New York! It's nice to meet someone else who feels the same.
    Thanks so much for writing!
    Blessings- Kathy


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