Friday, February 12, 2016

Brother Pine's Prayers

Probably 30 years ago now, I had an experience that I've often thought about. I can't say it had ever happened before or since. It was really remarkable.

I was attending church at First Assembly of God in McComb, Mississippi. There was an elderly man that always sat near the back - Brother Pine. He was a white haired gentleman that had an endearing quality about him. We always greeted one another, but never really had a lengthy conversation. He always seem to radiate a gentleness and warmth.

One morning during the greeting time, I was feeling troubled and sad.  I walked back towards Brother Pine, and as our hands met, we both started crying. It didn't feel odd, as you would think, but it did take me by surprise. It was as if his spirit connected to mine at that moment. I had the strangest feeling that he understood my heart and was praying for me.

The greeting time ended. We both smiled at one another and went back to our seats.

I've thought of that moment many times over the years. I needed someone's prayers that day and God sent me Brother Pine. Somehow, I knew he stood in the gap for me that morning.

Have you ever experienced a connection like that?

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  1. Beautiful story and wonderful that God brought Brother Pine into your life when you needed him :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I've thought of him many times since that day.


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