Monday, September 15, 2014

First Time Trip to West End Salvage

Happy Monday!

If you love antiques, you would love to visit this place.

It is called West End Architectural Salvage in downtown Des Moines.

I had heard of it before, but have never been until today.

I was actually looking for a door like this one below. I love the whole look of this vintage door with the Christmas wreath - maybe a few white Christmas lights, too?

                                                                    Blog source:  Unskinny Boppy

I didn't find that, but enjoyed looking around so much!

I don't know if you are like me at all, but I always feel a little sad browsing around an antique place. I guess because I know I am looking at things that once meant something to someone. I felt a little like that today. But since the building itself is also very old, I also wondered who used to walk around in there doing their daily job 50, 75, or even a 100 years ago! Do you think thoughts like that, too? And now here I am with my husband and two of our kids, walking through this same building just for fun.

Here are a few highlights of the day.

Old cash registers fascinate me.

I hope that this gives you a feel of what it was like there.

It takes a while to see everything.

                                     I loved the large mirrors, but they were over a thousand dollars.

I love old signs.

                                      Wouldn't old lights like these look great in a boys' bedroom?

We didn't even get to see the whole building. We saw 3 floors and I think there are 2 more!

There is also an HGTV show about West End Salvage.

Enjoy your week and I hope it's beginning to look like fall wherever you are!

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  1. Well I wish you lived close to me Kathy. I could give you a door! Last year my husband and I wanted to find an old door so we visited salvage places. They are so expensive! Turned out my dad had a stash of them at his old house (that he just moved out of). We got two of them. They are old and that description? But with a little love and care they will be great.

  2. I would love to see what you do with them! And yes I wish you were my neighbor. Thanks, Stacey!

  3. I love that show! It's great fun what they do with things.....

    1. I haven't seen it yet! I love FIxer Upper, but haven't seen this one. But I did enjoy seeing their store:) Thanks for stopping by, Nancy.

  4. Thanks Audra! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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