Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 (or more) Things I Am Loving Today

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Here are a few favorite things I am loving today.

1. I am getting on one of these soon to go to...

2.  New York City!!!!! My very first time to visit a place that I've always wanted to see! We are going there to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I love the idea of walking through Central Park.

I've seen these necklaces on several blogs. They are Kendra Scott's Rayne necklaces.

                                                                          Kendra Scott here

                                                                             Watch  here

I also love this watch! It is on sale right now at Nordstroms. I don't own this or the necklace above, but think both are so pretty.

4. I love these boots.
Melissa Frye boots  here

5.  And for something totally random...

Source: Thistlewood Farms blog

I really love the old fashioned look of glass doorknobs and transom windows. If I were building a home right now, I would add glass doorknobs to my doors and use transom windows wherever I could. I was very interested  to read about this DIY project above from the blog Thistlewood Farms.

As a bonus, here is a beauty item that I have liked lately...

It really helps your makeup to go on smoothly and de-emphasizes those little lines. Find it here.

Okay - just one more!! 

I have some kind of love for silverware! You would think I owned a lot, but I don't. But if money were no object, I would buy these babies. I don't know, but I think my cooking would just taste better with these.

Pottery Barn - Maxfield flatware  here

Okay, that's it!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Visiting from Friday Favourites! Those boots are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Donna! Aren't they though? They are on my list of things I'd like to find on sale!

  3. You will have a great time in NYC! So much fun! Are you catching a show?
    And I love the necklaces and that watch!

  4. Hi Kimberly! Yes, we hope to! I was thinking maybe Les Mis. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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