Friday, July 26, 2013

Teen Challenge - Helping People Who Hurt

I'm linking up today at for my favorite non-profit organization.

Teen Challenge is a wonderful ministry for men and women with life controlling addictions. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, pornography,or anything that is controlling their lives, Teen Challenge is a program that can help.

My husband was a teenager with an alcohol addiction. He graduated from Teen Challenge  and went on to become a counselor and program director at the TC in Colfax, Iowa, helping other young men. We lived and worked there for 14 years. We now pastor a church. He has been the pastor for 11 years. He loves helping other people find freedom.

Here is a link to Teen Challenge:

If you know someone who needs a place to help them and they are ready to be helped, contact Teen Challenge. There are many centers across the country. Two that I can personally recommend are Teen Challenge of the Midlands in Colfax, Iowa  (  and Teen Challenge of the Mid-South in Chattanooga, TN (

Here are some beautiful testimonies of men whose lives have been transformed. If there is someone on your heart that needs help today, please watch these videos and know that God can restore anyone.

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