Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's the Little Things

This is what I wake up to most mornings.

 My husband gets up many mornings at 5 am to get ready for early morning appointments, makes the coffee, and sets my cup out with a spoon and a packet of Truvia.

It always makes me smile when I see my cup ready to go. ( I like to add sugar free vanilla creamer and a bit of sf vanilla syrup to mine also.)

Until I have that first cup of coffee, I sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Listen below:

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My husband is a great man who also indulges me in my Sonic addiction of tator tots with cheese and a cherry Coke. (I've cut way back on these, but still enjoy them once in a blue moon). Sonic is one of my true loves!

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What are the little things your husband does for you? It's those things that mean so much!

Grace at Home

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  1. How sweet. Cj turns on the coffee pot in the morning (he doesn't drink coffee). He put bottles of water in the fridge for me so they will be cold. (he likes his at room temperature.) He takes care of Muffin Kitty Cat in the morning... feeds...etc. He washes and gases my car. He vacaums.
    He takes me out to eat. Wow!, he's sounding pretty good...think I'll keep him. (We will be married 50 years on November 26, 2013).

  2. Your husband is so sweet!

    My husband loves to buy tennis outfits for me and surprises me with a new one from time to time. He also will help me with any DIY project.

    1. Thanks, Paula, he really is. I think that is impressive that you are a serious enough tennis player to buy outfits for it! I wish I was! It sounds like your husband is also wonderful:)

    2. My Husband is the best. God knew who to bless me with. He does dishes at night after I cook supper. He folds laundry. He feeds the cat in the mornings and cleans her litter. That is why Isabella loves him. He opens the door for me every night when he sees me pull into the driveway from work. The best is that I know he prayes for me evryday.

    3. Dear Anonymous, You are indeed blessed!

  3. I am married to a "keeper" as well! He does the dishes every night after dinner. He recently tracked down 5 pallets for me for a DIY project I wanted to tackle. Life to the full! Melissa

  4. As soon as I saw that coffee cup ready to go, I thought that looks exactly like what my hubby does for me. On the mornings that he's up earlier, the coffee pot is ready to go and my mug, spoon and a napkin are next to it. It's the sweetest thing ever! He's just that kind of guy though, super thoughtful all the time. Sounds like you've got a good catch too. :)

  5. your family sounds a lot like ours... BIG. We have five kids ranging in age from 17 to 10 months (and hubby wants one more!). We have a Keurig coffee brewer and my hubby will also get up and make my coffee for me. Plus, he runs me hot bubble baths at night. :) He USED TO support my McDonald's 1/2 sweet 1/2 unsweet tea until I made a resolution to GIVE THEM UP... and have stuck to it!

    1. What a sweet guy! Do you think you will have one more? I miss having a little baby in the house. I've been curious about the Keurig, but haven't bought one yet. Thanks for writing, Rebekah!


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