Thursday, December 19, 2013

Favorite Blogs of 2013

Can you believe that Christmas is next week? To tell you the truth, it almost feels like Christmas has come and gone. I think I've been a little out of the loop since our Make a Wish Disney trip, Thanksgiving coming later this year, and then trying to get ready for Christmas. I've watched some Christmas movies like White Christmas and Home Alone and plan to watch Little Women tomorrow sometime. But I think I was more in the Christmas spirit a few weeks ago. Does that ever happen to you? It can become like a wild race that you are trying to finish. I don't like that! I want to just sit with my family with my hot chocolate and enjoy the moment. Most of my shopping is done now (thank you Amazon!) and I think I can relax a little bit now.

I wanted to update my blog, but there have been so many things going on at our house. I've been a little worried about some things and just haven't had a lot of incentive to write anything. So I sat here at the computer and thought a bit. I began to think about some blogs I have found this past year that I love to read each day. I read quite a few, but there are about five or six that I would call my favorites.

#1.    This blog is written by a young mom in NW Arkansas. I love her! She writes about her faith and her family. When I saw that she loved Sonic, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. She is followed by hundreds and probably even thousands of readers. I look forward to reading what she has to say every day.

#2.    Sheaffer writes this blog and she is wildly entertaining to read. I have learned so much about fashion from reading her blog and seeing what she puts together. I wish I had become interested in fashion a long time ago! It just wasn't at the top of my list. She puts a lot of time into her writing and has a lot of photos of what she is recommending. It's really helpful and fun to read. I often laugh out loud while I am reading her posts.

#2. Tied for this spot is a friend of Sheaffer's named Shay who writes at   Her blog is called Mix and Match Mama. She also writes about family, fashion and recipes. I made her peach bundt cake this summer and it was fabulous!

#3. is written by Cassie. She is the prettiest little blonde who puts together the cutest outfits and is always tweaking her home and making it look beautiful. She and her husband love to travel, too, and I vicariously enjoy the places they visit. She has an entertaining way of engaging her audience with her writing.

#4.  is written by Alison. She was a  model and actress, who writes about fashion, and describes herself,  "As a mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict....being a mom doesn't mean losing yourself." I love reading what she has to say and the beautiful photographs she includes with all her posts.

#5.  Ree Drummond writes a blog and cookbooks, is a photographer, home schools, lives on a ranch with her husband and four kids, and does a show for the Food Network. I love her because she photographs what she is cooking in stages so that you will know how it is supposed to look at any given point. I make several of her recipes and none of them have disappointed. (One of my favorites is her sun dried tomato, pesto and chicken panini.. It is so good!)

#6. and  Rhoda writes Southern Hospitality and hers was the very first blog that I ever read. She writes about decorating your home (she has worked in interior design) and shares a lot about her family, especially her mom and dad, which I love.   Richella at Imparting Grace is someone that I consider a friend. I love her sense of style and the way that she opens her blog up to other ladies on her weekly Grace at Home link up party. She shares her faith with a pure and kind heart.

There are a lot of other blogs that I read, but these are the ones that I never miss. Something just seems off about my day until I've had my cup of coffee and read through their posts. Some people like their morning newspaper, but just give me a good blog.

Recently, we were at Chicago's O'Hare airport waiting to board our plane, and I sat with my phone and skimmed through my favorite blogs while we waited. I would laugh over things I read and show it to my husband. He seems mildly amused that I like reading them. I feel like I know these ladies, I guess, since they share so much about their families and day to day life. I've always found people's day to day lives intriguing - never boring at all. It's kind of like facebook...I really do want to know what you ordered at that restaurant...yes, show me a photo! Your little boy fell asleep on the couch...oh, that is too sweet! Just look at that! I am sort of weird like that. I don't get bored by those things. I am truly interested.

So there you have it. If you are looking for a few new reads, these will not disappoint. There's a little bit of everything to be found here whether you like recipes, fashion, posts about being a mother or wife, or decorating your home.

I really thank God that I found each one. They have helped me in all sorts of areas that they will probably never know.

Be sure and stop by and visit them this week.

P.S. Oh, I remembered one more!  Sarah writes about her family and what I love most of all...ordinary days at home with your kids. She is a gifted writer and when I see that she has a new post up, I read it right away. She is a great encouragment to all moms - the greatest and hardest job in the world!

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