Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Things To Try

Good morning! I'm linking up to 5 on Friday today and thought I'd share 5 things I'd like to try.

#1.  Okay, I don't want to "try " this. Instead I'd like to have it in my kitchen! A Viking range. I feel all "swoony" looking at this beauty.

Photo courtesy Pinterest

#2. Lift and Luminate at Target.  This was featured in Good Housekeeping as the best face cream.

#3. These boots. But I cannot afford the Nordstrom price. I hope I can find some like these at TJ Maxx?

#4. I had an excellent guest post on my blog this week. I'd love for you to read her story on adoption here She shares her ups and downs in such a moving way. Give her story a try!

#5. And...drum roll please... I am about to own my very first ever...iphone!! I still won't believe it til I have it in my hand. The thing I am most excited about is instagram. I know there are a lot of other bells and whistles, but that is the thing I can't wait to try! There have been so many times that I'm out and about and have thought, "If only I could take a picture of this." I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh that Viking range - yes please!!! So excited about your iphone!!!

    1. I know. It is beautiful. I'm excited, too! Instagram awaits!

  2. Wonderful post! Love the Viking - but REALLY love the kitchen :) I'll definitely have to seek out that night cream - always looking for great beauty products. Congrats on the iphone - love mine! Thank you for linking up to What I'm Loving Fridays. Hope to see you back this week!

    xo Lulu


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