Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Love Cookbooks!

Let's say that I was in your home and you had to do some errands. Just give me a stack of your cookbooks, set me in a chair next to a window, and I would be happy as a clam for a couple of hours.

I'm not a chef - not even close! I make the same things in rotation all the time. I enjoy baking more than I do cooking a meal. But I do love looking at cookbooks. There is something almost therapeutic about it.

There are websites that I love such as  She is an awesome cook with great, easy to follow recipes. I also find a lot of recipes via blogs.

But there is something about holding a cookbook in your hand. I especially love church cookbooks. Those tend to have tried and true recipes that are good for families.

Here are some of the ones I turn to over and over:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks  by Ree Drummond

Anything by Paula Deen - She makes the kinds of food I grew up eating. My favorite meals are still just about anything fried  with a glass of sweet tea.    
Southern Plate - Christy Jordan
Southern Generations - printed by the Junior Auxiillary of Starkville, Mississippi
Betty Crocker Cookbook
past issues of  Southern Living magazines

and 2 cookbooks that have long ago lost their covers.

One was a gift from my mother-in-law which she had bought from First Church of the Open Bible and the other is Life After Pizza which has one of my favorite dessert recipes pictured below. You can see how used this recipe has been by the chocolate pudding splatters across the page.

Oh my, this is good stuff.

Also, in case you might be interested, this is my recipe organizing system.

I know, pretty impressive, right? But I can generally find what I'm looking for. One of these days I will get to organizing it. Probably after the kids are grown and then I'll be too sentimental to change anything.

What about you? What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you feel like yours are old friends?

Happy Spring!

Grace at Home
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  1. I love cookbooks! My grandmother used to read cookbooks like they were a novel and I do the same thing. I like a lot of Giadda's recipes and also Paula Deen. Rachel Ray has some good ones, too. Local church cookbooks are my absolute favorites because I know the recipes in them are tried and true family favorites.

    I found your post through Richella's Grace at Home Party.

    1. Thank you, Paula for writing. I love Giada's recipes too, but I don't have her cookbooks. We have checked them out from the library before and made a few recipes. They were great!
      Thanks again for your comment:)


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