Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Those Sweet Little Moments in My Day

Our oldest son is now 21 yrs. old.  Our daughter is also 21 (she was born 9 months later). Our youngest child is now 7. 

There's also a sprinkling of ages in between...19, 15, and 13.  I think we would all say that our 7 yr. old is a sweet ray of sunshine in our home. He's had some health problems since the age of two, so we all tend to dote on him a bit. He's always making us laugh (he cracks us all up by reciting a State Farm insurance commercial word for word) and still likes to snuggle with me. Each evening, he makes his nightly rounds and asks his siblings if he can sleep in their room for the night. Usually my daughter gives in, even though she says she can't get a good night's sleep with him taking up most of the bed.

I've home schooled for about 16 years.  Now I have a first grader again! This time, we are doing Abeka's web streamed 1st grade program and I love it. Miss Weiler is an excellent teacher and he has learned so much. Here's a picture of him with his "class" and teacher.


 We sit together at the computer and do a basic curriculum with her which consists of Bible time (with a lot of scripture memorization that we do with the entire class, singing, and Bible stories), phonics instruction, and reading. I do the math, handwriting, and two workbooks with him separately.

Another part of my day that I love is this view of him I often see from the kitchen - the top of his little blonde head on the couch. It never fails to melt my heart.

I also often see this. A bowl of mini marshmallows. Sometimes he may eat the whole bowl, but more often than not, I see a bowl like this one somewhere in the living room. He may have had a few, then went on downstairs to play Madden 12 on his x-box. It's a good day when he finishes any kind of food.

As our 7 yr. old often says to me, "Life is good". And he's isn't perfect...whose is? But it is good.

These are just some of the sweet moments of my day.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly ~ life is good! Enjoy those sweet days with your little boy, they grow all too fast as you know.

    1. Yes. I thank God I still have one littler one to love on at home:)

  2. What a sweet post! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!


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