Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Letter Each Christmas - My Tradition

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Every year when Christmas was done and we were packing away the decorations, my mom would always grab a piece of paper and pen. She would jot down a few things that had occurred that year and then place it inside the box.

Now that I have a family of my own, I do the same thing. It's always fun to get out the paper from last year and read what I had written. Usually it is about our kids and things that are going on in their lives and also short prayers I write for them. It might be something like:

She (my daughter) is 15 years old now and interested in fashion and photography. Lord, bless her and keep her this upcoming year. Let her know that You are interested in her dreams.

He (my littlest boy) is six years old and said the funniest thing a few weeks ago (then I would write down the entire thing he said, because I might not remember it in a few months).

This is just a sampling of some of the things I write. It doesn't take me long. Some of my "letters" are sixteen years old and the kids find it fascinating to read what I wrote about them so long ago.

A few of my letters are especially bittersweet as they were about our little boy who passed away at the age of four in 1996. I thank God especially for those sentences that I wrote. I didn't know it would be his last Christmas.

Some of you may prefer to write about events that happened in our country or around the world, or your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.

I write a little about each child, or things happening at our church or home, and a prayer for the next year. It only takes me a few minutes and then I date it, fold it, and place it in the box of Christmas decorations where I won't read it again until that next Christmas.

Take a few minutes to do this before the last box goes into storage. You'll be pleasantly surprised in December 2013 when you read your letter again.

Blessings and Merry Christmas to each one of you!

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