Friday, November 30, 2012

A Small Before and After

We recently bought a small furniture piece on clearance. I'm sure the salespeople wondered how many times I was going to come in and look at it before deciding to buy it.

We put it in the basement and there it sat for a few weeks. Actually, I wasn't sure I'd made the right decision in purchasing it. But after looking at it for awhile, I began to have some ideas...

This looks like a crime scene, but it's actually me trying to decide how a certain size rug would look there - with the use of masking tape.  Have you ever done the same thing? It made perfect sense to me:)

I tried out a mirror I had bought for our dining room from Hobby Lobby. It looked wonderful above it, but I really wanted to keep it in the dining room. We hadn't seen any more of these mirrors there, but after going in for another look, we found the same mirror for 50 % off. My husband's words to me when he saw the discounted price were, "God must really love you."

Next, we added a lamp from T.J. Maxx and my rug from an online site.

I love how it came out!

 See the couch in the background in our basement? I call it the couch that will not die. The couch and loveseat have been great - almost too great. We bought them in 1995 and they have survived 6 children. But I am ready for them to wear out already!

What have you been working on in your home this week? This time of year makes me want to create pretty things.

Happy Holiday season!

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